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Following and followers system

Retweets, comments, and likes

Unique user @handles

Product Hunt

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Upvoting mechanism

Hunter and Maker roles

In-app notification center

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Coming soon

More templates in the making




Rental Marketplace


Courses on demand

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Free, really?! What's the catch?

Yes, really! This works for me because as an Adalo partner I get a commission if you subscribe to one of their paid plans. Hey, I might even drop you a discount coupon at some point 😉

Is it hard to customize your templates?

It's like modifying a PowerPoint presentation, seriously! This being said, tweaking the logic does take a bit of practice, but truly anyone can do it. Give it a try: Adalo offers a free plan!

When will I receive the templates?

The process is still fairly manual 😅 Bear with me, I'll load your account with all the templates within 24 hours from receiving your request. Ping me if you think I forgot you.

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Just shoot an email to and I'll add any new templates I've published since you registered here. As simple as that.

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Of course, but while I share my templates for free, I charge for customization, consulting, or to help you publish your app in the stores. Sounds fair? You can book me here.

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No worries, it'll work. I'll create a fresh account with a temporary email address, and load the templates in it. Then up to you to use one or the other account.

Who the heck are you?

Hello, my name is Lucien 👋 I'm a freelance no-code developer and one of Adalo's experts 😊You can follow me on Twitter for updates about my templates or no-code in general.

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