The legal stuff

I'll keep it short.

Just sayin'

Although I've tested my templates extensively, they are not guaranteed to be bug-free (it's "no-code", but it's still programming).

Please do

Use my templates to launch your startup, become a f***ing billionaire. Give me a shoutout when you take your company public. Be a thankful bro.

Build apps for clients with my templates after you've purchased the appropriate license from me. Work from the beach. Live the bro dream.

Tell your bros about my templates and save them thousands of dollars in development. Be a hero for your bros.

Let me know if you find a bug, but don't order me to fix it right away (I'll always do my best, but can't guarantee any turnaround time). Be an understanding bro.

Please don't

Resell or give away my templates as if they were yours, that would be uncool, bro.

Use your app for clients without purchasing a license from me, that would be unfair, bro.